Kirk Bernard

I want to personally thank you for considering the Bernard Law Group.. I realize that you have options in seeking legal counsel, and the number of alternatives can be overwhelming. In order to help you decide if ours is the right firm for you, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself.

For me, representing the rights of victims is more than a career – – it’s a personal mission. My father, Saul Bernard, started his practice in the 1930s and tried hundreds of cases representing all types of clients, regardless of status or standing. His only criteria for taking a case was whether he could help someone who had been wronged. During his 40 years as a counselor-at-law it was his motto that in the practice of law, the objective was to make a difference.


Kirk Bernard has been a civil litigator for over 20 years, having been first admitted to the bar in 1981, specializing in personal injury cases representing the right of accident victims on a contingency basis. Mr. Bernard has obtained millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts for his clients. Odell v. Wooden Boat Foundation, $1,004,000 settlement. Explosion case involving liquid nails. Settled at mediation.Confidential Case Information, $4,400,000 settlement, inclusive of lifetime annuity. Automobile accident involving a defective seat belt. The plaintiff, a minor, was a passenger in an automobile operated by his parents. The vehicle was involved in a head-on collision, causing traumatic brain injury to the plaintiff.Salguero v. City of Los Angeles, $950,000 settlement plus lifetime annuity for minors in excess of $5 Million Dollars. Products liability case involving a defective part that caused a helicopter to crash onto the plaintiff. The deceased was a Hispanic immigrant who worked as a janitor and was survived by two children and a putative spouse. Basye v. Sorathia, $166,000 jury verdict. 22-year-old woman rear-ended in automobile accident. Plaintiff suffered two small bulging discs. Defendant refused all offers to settle. Three day jury trial.

Mr. Bernard owns and operates two law firms, in Seattle, Washington and in Los Angeles, California. Throughout his legal career, Mr. Bernard has participated in other notable cases such as Meisner v. State of Washington, et al., a motorcycle case involving inadequate signs in a highway construction zone with catastrophic injuries for $5.5 Million dollars two weeks before trial was scheduled to commence;Nelli and Wages v. Wah Kue Café, a commercial establishment alcohol liability case with drinking in both cars, $1.5 Million dollar settlement; Bargas v. Houlihan’s, another commercial establishment alcohol liability case with the bartender who served the driver as the plaintiff, case settled for $725,000. Mr. Bernard was also involved in representing the victims who suffered injuries as a result of being prescribed the drug Baycol and was able to successfully resolve their claims. In the product liability case against Sultzer, he was able to resolve the claims of the victims in the Sultzer hip prosthesis litigation.

Mr. Bernard is an active member of the bar and is licensed in Washington and California. He is also a member of the Consumer Attorney’s Association, a member of ATLA and an eagle member of the Washington State Trial Lawyers Association.

In some cases, simply getting financial compensation for our clients is not enough. By the use of the contingency retainer, plaintiff attorneys have actually been able to change laws in areas such as HMO liability in California. Through our efforts, the general public has benefitted and further abuses have been curtailed.

This is my personal commitment to you, should you retain our firm. I, along with my fully trained staff, will work tirelessly and yield to no obstacle until your rights have been restored. Until those liable have been made to pay. Until justice has been served.

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